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    • What Others Have Found

      I find Gordon’s wealth of knowledge and experience invaluable. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor/coach/advisor. The changes and growth our business has experienced since its inception 15 years ago has been much more than we ever envisioned. Without the help, advice, coaching (and sometimes coaxing) we have received along the way, our business would not be the success it is today. Thankyou Gordon.

      Gordon Kay, CEO of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, shares his business owners coaching program with you. You will be able to use these notes as a roadmap to accelerate your business to greater levels of success. 

    • Gordon, a successful entrepreneur, has built businesses from the ground up to exit and has helped hundreds of business owners across a broad range of business industries share this same level of success.

    • Gordon is an XLerator Member, here to answer questions you may have about your business.

    • Normally $1500, this extensive resource is all yours as an XLerator member.

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Local Business Development

Gordon is a thorough and experienced coach, with years of successful business experience and developed coaching skills. What we like is that Gordon takes special interest in the individuals within the group and develops each group into a working cohesive team.

We are pleased to have Gordon lead our coaching programs and we would highly recommend his services to business owners and group facilitators.

City of Salisbury

Growing Pains

The Coaching for Success program has been an extremely helpful and timely resource for me at the stage I am in my business. Having gone through the early establishment pains, I was at a point where I needed to know how to position myself to grow, and get this structured right.

Gordon Kay who is the Coach for our group has a wealth of business experience, together with an excellent understanding of the most important elements of getting business up-to-speed with the digital economy, as well as all the other elements needed to have a business succeed.


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