Are You Unsure About Something?
If you're here it means that there is something that has changed your mind about becoming a BookPals Business XLerator member. 

Before you leave, have a look at the answers to questions we have received from people here before you below and see if they change your mind about becoming an XLerator member.

Question - Is this type of community for me?

BookPals Business XLerator is for any kind of business owner that is focussed on becoming more successful. The discussions in XLerator will not focus on a specific kind of business industry - there are people in here from all manner of business - so if you are a business owner searching for ways to make your business more successful you will find the answers you are looking for here.

Question - Is this going to be another one of those places where people are talking about stupid, nonsensical garbage?

No - BookPals Business XLerator has been created so that business owners focussing on driving their businesses forward have somewhere to get away from all that nonsensical garbage you have to put up with out there on the social media platforms. The discussions in this forum will be completely business based with a view to helping all XLerator members in the dynamics of running their own business and making their businesses more successful. 

Question - What if I don't like it? 

There are no minimum subscription periods and your subscription is paid for on a monthly basis so if you find that XLerator is not for you, cancel your membership at any time with no hard feelings.

Question - Can I promote my products and services within XLerator without getting into trouble?

Of course you can - in fact, we encourage you to do so - this is not one of those "closed shop" kind of communities where you are not allowed to take anyone "outside" - rave about your business, brag about your successes and direct XLerator members to product launches you are having - BookPals Business XLerator's sole purpose is to make your business more successful, so the more we can do for that to happen the more we are upholding our end of this "deal".

Question - What are BookPals Business Shout Outs?

You can be talking with people in online forums all day every day, but we all know as business owners that there is nothing better than to be standing in front of a person when it is time to "close the deal". This is why we have created Shout Outs - so that you can get together with other XLerator members to strengthen your online relationships. You might want to arrange a local meeting at a cafe or pub to talk about your businesses and how they can support each other; you might want to let everyone in your town, state, country - or the world for that matter - know about a product launch you are having; heck, you may even be travelling overseas and want to catch up with an XLerator member you have been chatting with online who lives in a different country so that you can form an international strategic alliance - the whole idea is to use BookPals Business Shout Outs to catch up with other XLerator members and to let more people know about your products and services.

Question - What is this BookPals Business Reporting Software?

The BookPals Business Reporting Software is a product we are creating to make things like business bookkeeping and compliance reporting easier and more straightforward. It will be available for you to use in early 2015. The bookkeeping solutions currently on the market can be difficult to use and hard to understand, so you are forced to employ other people - better at this task than you - to look after your business reporting for you. Don't get us wrong - we think that every business owner should be using the services of a bookkeeper so that they can focus on their core business, but we understand that some of you don't want to do this - or are waiting until you have more money in the "coffers" before doing so and this is why the BookPals software is here for you - to use until you are ready to employ a bookkeeper and when that day comes, the "handover" takes no effort at all.

Question - How much more will this cost once the BookPals Business Reporting Software launches?

Nothing - the BookPals Business Reporting Software will be available to you as an XLerator member for no extra cost to your monthly subscription fee.

Ok, we hope the answers above have allayed any concerns you may have on becoming an XLerator member, so come in and check it out - the worst thing that can happen is you don't like it and leave a month later - nothing ventured nothing gained.